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Evo-7 is a minimalist action platformer from indie game company Hjartdal Studios about a little robot named Evo-7 who’s embarking on a dangerous mission for the Galactic Republic. 

In a daring move, enemy spies stole top-secret data tapes from a high-security government vault in Capitol City — but as they were being pursued, their ship crash-landed at a remote, uncharted space station crawling with enemy robots, and the stolen data tapes were scattered everywhere. 

Play as Evo-7 and explore an endless stream of beautiful, challenging levels and earn points by defeating enemy robots and receiving the stolen data tapes to beam back to the Galactic Republic. Survive for as long as you can and complete your secret mission! 


  • Earn points collecting the missing data tapes, defeating enemy robots, discovering hidden rooms, and navigating an infinite number of challenging, maze-like levels! 
  • Beautiful, minimalist art style with an attractive color palette and dynamic particle effects — wind, explosions, portals, and more! 
  • A challenging rogue-lite health system — survive as long as you can and try to beat your high score!
  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn controls and clear instructions written into the level every time you start a new game (but only if you want them). 
  • Four hand-tuned difficulty levels from “casual” to “unforgiving” — everyone from kids and first-time gamers to experienced platformer enthusiasts can enjoy a challenge. 
  • Get in-game progress updates and helpful hints from your reliable probe droid, A2 — who (somewhat annoyingly) follows you around on all of your adventures.
  • Play an infinite number of non-linear, procedurally generated levels created from 500+ hand-crafted components by a custom-designed, carefully-calibrated wave function collapse algorithm — outstanding replay value! 
  • A custom-designed physics engine for an outstanding, classic platformer experience with crisp, precise movement.
  • A specially-programmed enemy AI engine powers 8 classes of enemy robots — each with their own behaviors, attacks, and weakness. 
  • Dynamic procedural animations bring Evo-7 and enemy robots to life (metaphorically speaking anyway).
  • Procedurally generated, hand-blended ambient soundscapes, sound effects, and original music for an enjoyable, immersive audio experience — best with headphones!
  • No adds or in-app purchases. Just platforming fun.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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